Website Solutions

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Additional Services

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Website Hosting
Domain Registration
$ 9/yr
Password Protected Logon Page
$ 299
Site Search
$ 249
Manageable Photo Gallery
$ 249
Payment Integration
$ 299
Add Banners
$ 39
Royalty Free Photos
$ 2.99
Existing Website Updates
$ 49/hr
Custom ColdFusion, PHP, Database Programming
$ 59/hr
* Turn Around Time
We can only work as fast as our cients allows us; turn around time is client dependent. If content is provided in a timely manner, initial and ongoing instructions are clear, and revisions requested are reasonable, turn around time is usually minimal. We guarantee our turn around time will not exceed the stated amount.

** Express Service Option
For an additional fee of 20% on any package and add-ons, we offer an guaranteed express service for a quicker turn around. There is no loss in quality or creativity. However this service is based on certain terms and conditions including but not limited to the fact that we cannot deliver the express service if multiple rounds of revisions are requested and that turn around time starts only after we get all required final contents, pictures, instructions etc.